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Economics 206:  Introduction to Microeconomics

Economics 207:  Introduction to Macroeconomics

Economics 307:  Intermediate Macroeconomics

Economics 311:  Money and Banking

Economics 325:  Labor Economics
Economics 375:  Introduction to Econometrics
Economics 406:  Topics in Microeconomics
Economics 407:  Topics in Macroeconomics
Economics 445:  The Economics of Education
Economics 470:  Economic Fluctuations and Forecasts
Economics 475:  Econometrics

MBA 503:  Macroeconomics


Top 20 American Economic Review Articles


Professor Krieg with a Fei


Iowa Electronic Markets--Fun way to learn about economics and make money (maybe)


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Freakonomics:  The Blog of Steven Levitt
Francis Diebold's Econometrics Blog

Greg Mankiw's Blog

Steve Landsburg

The Marginal Revolution

John Cochrane
James Hamilton
Data Colada
Dave Giles (Econometrics Beat)

La Griffe du Lion (An Analysis of Diversity Issues from a Statistical Viewpoint)

Brad DeLong

Overcoming Bias (Robin Hanson)

Wolfram Blog

Econometrics By Simulation

Casey Mulligan




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Federal Debt to the Penny (ok, this might be important)

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The Baby Name Wizard

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Spurious Correlations

Lowering the Bar: Legal Humor


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Volokh Conspiracy

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